Platonic Loves

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Platonic Loves

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Sons of the rainbow

Guambiana indigenous weaving an anaco (traditional skirt). Silvia, Cauca, Colombia, 2022.

The Eve

Preparation of religious sculpture on the eve of Easter Sunday. Jericó, Antioquia, Colombia.

Subway on Sunday

Medellín, Colombia.

Grandmother with red hat

Nariño peasant. Guachucal, Colombia.

A Kitchen in The Amazon

Macuna indigenous prepares the 'tiesto' to cook. The tiesto is a clay pot used to prepare 'casabe', a bread made from bitter cassava that is one of the main foods of the community. It is also used to prepare 'mambe' from the toasted coca leaf. Apaporis River, Amazonas, Colombia.

Passengers on flight 12-77, last call...

El Dorado International Airport. Bogotá, Colombia.

Crushing the Bitter Cassava

Letuama women shredding bitter cassava. Apaporis River, Amazon, Colombia.

Coffee Filters

Filters for Coffee
Artisan offering her coffee filters made with natural fibers. Ráquira Boyacá, Colombia.


Tango dancers, Medellín, Colombia.

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