Amazonian Woman

She started the day very early in the morning. Stars could still be seen above the maloca. She lit the stove. She prepared casabe, fish, tucupí… She fed everyone. She went down to the river to wash clothes. Then she went to the other side in the canoe. After a long walk, under the trees she takes shelter from the harsh sun at midday. When the sun has gone down: she will pick lulos, dig yuca, look for edible worms and ants, […]

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Guambiana Weaver

At the top of the Andes mountains…

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Platonic Loves

I’m thinking about you baby…
(In Progress)

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Gay Parade – Medellín 2023

Amidst the shadows of adversity, the spirit of defiance shines brighter than ever. In a city grappling with conservatism and intolerance, the LGBTI community of Medellín emerged resolute…

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Imagine worlds

The airplane interrupts the murmur of the jungle…

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Librería rodante del Amazonas

En Leticia, la sabiduría viaja en 2 ruedas.

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Paradoja macuna

Yendo a ninguna parte…

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Café Lasker

Vivimos en pobreza de tiempo.

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Teresita Gómez

Woww!! -Dijo bajito

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Examen de Conciencia

Horario de confesiones…

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